Annual subscription Subdivision of the days/rooms Time       Price Price for companies established along the Navicelli Canal
 20 days 5 days: Gagliardi audit.

5 days: A. Melani hall

10 days: Ferdinando I hall / C. dei Medici hall


 9am-8pm 3,500.00 euro  3,000.00 euro
 10 days  

2 days: Gagliardi audit.

2 days: A. Melani hall

6 days: Ferdinando I hall /  C. de’ Medici hall


 9am-8pm 2,000.00 euro  1,500.00 euro

The customer can choose to use the Cosimo de’ Medici Hall and the Antonio Melani Hall alternatively, within the maximum limit of days set forth in the subscription.

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