The Company has as its scope the following activities specifically directed towards the local public administrations that are shareholders and that do not operate in a commercial sector:

  1. Planning, design and execution all works that can somehow be related to the Pisa-Livorno Navigable Canal, including the dredging of the canal floor;
  2. Planning, design, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the port area and adjacent areas;
  3. Acquisition of mechanical equipment for services required in the port area, including management of the port areas themselves
  4. Storage, stocking and distribution of goods
  5. Preparation of analyses and feasibility studies regarding the waterway system as a structural element and for the development of the local economy;
  6. Acquisition, conversion, management and disposal of movable and immovable property of any kind to be allocated primarily to the activities of those enterprises that will settle in the areas adjacent to the banks of the Navicelli Canal (activities aimed at the full utilization of the canal itself)
  7. Research, technology transfer, training, consulting and promotion in the various yachting sectors
  8. Management of state-owned areas and facilities and the release of concessions for the employment and/or use of areas and other assets in port areas and in state-owned areas
  9. Nautical circulation, piloting and handling of the mobile bridges of Tombolo and Calambrone
  10. Navigation policing, to be intended as activities of surveillance and reporting to the competent bodies of the local police department;
  11. Public services, transports, trailers and towings
  12. Removal of submerged materials
  13. Repression of works and other actions that may somehow damage the state property goods that are part of the waterway complex, intended as activities of surveillance and reporting to the competent municipal bodies and the local police department
  14. Port plan adoption proposal to the Municipality of Pisa, together with the proposed activities related to other functions assigned by the port authority pursuant to law no. 84/94

Additionally, the company can perform all commercial, industrial, financial operations, transactions involving movable and immovable property specifically addressed to the benefit of the shareholders of the local public administrations, necessary or useful for the achievement of the social scope, including:
– Participation at innovative research and experimentation projects in partnership and co-financing with other public and private entities, with the European Union and/or within programs led by the European Union or by public entities
– Outsourcing of design and construction activities and general outsourcing of services, works and procurement.

The Company is not authorized to carry out the activities mentioned in this article by participating – on a territorial-national level – in collective procedures and/or negotiations. The Company cannot take part in other companies or entities on national territory.

Below is Navicelli di Pisa’s updated statute.




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