Navicelli di Pisa is a member of the following networks:


EUROPHAR EEIG is a European Economic Interest Grouping founded in 1997 by the Port Authority of Valencia, Marseille and Genoa. The main objective of the group is to promote sustainable development and environmental protection in European ports and surrounding areas. Navicelli di Pisa is an Associate Member since 2012, and it is the only member to have a specific competence in recreational boating. The company participates in the group addressing activities; provides technical support to design activities in the fields of environment and safety; transfers project outputs especially in the environmental field (Apea- ecologically equipped area, smart grids, phytoremediation, etc.) and shares its experience with the other port partners at a European level. The EUROPHAR network allows to broaden skills and experiences in the definition and implementation of Environmental Management Systems in ports, minimizing the environmental impact of port activities and consequently increasing the protection of those areas near the port, such as beaches, port-city interfaces and ecosystems.
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Netwerc H20, the network for water in regions and in international cities, is an organization that brings together 24 States at global level and has about 200 members having in common important water resources that strongly characterize their territories. In February 2016, the network elected the City of Pisa as its president. The network promotes the adoption of sustainable Water Management Models and a permanent forum in order to share policies and disseminate good practices. It is also a direct channel to the main economic stakeholders and research centers for the development of smart solutions applied to several different fields. Netwerc H2O is coordinator at EU Level of the City Blueprints Action Group that, within the European Innovation Partnership for Water – an initiative promoted by the European Commission involving Member States, research centers and main economic players – promotes policies and systems in order to achieve Europe 2020 goals. Navicelli di Pisa works within the network on behalf of the City of Pisa.
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Polis is a network of European cities and regions that cooperate for innovative transport solutions, in which the City of Pisa is vice-president since 2015. The network’s goal is to improve local transport through integrated strategies that deal with the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of transport. For this purpose, Polis supports the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between local and regional governments in Europe. Furthermore, it facilitates dialogue between local and regional authorities and other stakeholders such as in the industry, in research centers and universities, and in NGOs. Navicelli di Pisa deals with the network.
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EUROCITIES is an organization founded in 1986 by the mayors of 6 large European cities (Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam) and now includes 140 European cities and regions. Eurocities’ goal is to create awareness within the EU to the cities’ needs at economic, political, social and cultural levels. The City of Pisa is an associate member and it is formally inscribed in the Mobility Forum. Navicelli di Pisa participates on behalf of the City of Pisa in the main meetings of the Forum and continuously evaluates partnerships for project proposals that the organization submits to the Members.
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