Development and Technology Transfer activities aim to supply answers to the growing demand for innovation by small and medium-sized enterprises, whose absence would mean no competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

  • Project financing and fundraising
  • Support services and project development
  • Technical assistance and design development under regional, national and European funds
  • Technology prospecting


Communication and Marketing activities are foundational in order to enhance the visibility of the enterprises and the territory in national and international contests, in addition to sending the message to be disseminated. They thus provide a range of services to encourage and develop communication and marketing activities of the companies operating in the area.

  • Taking part in national and international boat shows
  • Services for internationalization
  • Marketing plans
  • Organizing and managing events
  • Company prospecting activities
  • Institutional relations
  • Taking part in European and international networks


This activity is performed in collaboration with training agencies, institutions and entities in the yachting sector, in order to optimize information and training programs as well as to create synergies among the stakeholders in the marine industry and the training sector.

  • Organizing training courses for employed/unemployed people
  • Activating internships and training apprenticeships
  • Detection of training needs for the companies operating in the specific field

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