Dangerous goods transit


Please, fill in and send by mail or fax the application form to Navicelli di Pisa at least 3 (three) days prior to the date of transit in the dock area. For the issue of the authorization, please, observe the following guidelines:

Boats requirements

The fire-fighting equipment on board have to meet the standards of the current legislation for the transit of explosives and dangerous goods, they have to be properly approved and totally efficient. The captainship is responsible to make sure of the fire-fighting validity and their proper working, before the entrance in the Navicelli Canal. Of the roofing of the boat there should be at least three portable foam fire extinguishers and a crate of sand.

Shipyards requirements

During dangerous goods transit, which should always take place in observance of the signs placed along the Canal, is forbidden to:

  • Moor boats and vessels along the Canal;
  • Exceed the limit of 7 knots.

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