Railway Siding


On May the 24th 2016, the railway siding of the Dockyard of Pisa was opened thanks to regional fundings (Progetto ERA 2012 – Ecosostenibilità e Riqualificazione Ambientale) and to the Navicelli di Pisa financial resources. The infrastructure consists of two railways (about 300 m long) both running down the east quay of the dockyard: the new railway is connected to the Central Station of Pisa and provides the local port facilities with the integration of the national and international railway network. The reactivation work consists of two lots: one is for the reactivation of the railway siding to be employed in the freight towards the dock and the Navicelli Canal; the other is for the realization of a 5.000 m2 logistic area. The work’s aim is to develop the intermodal procedure by moving part of the trade from road haulage to rail transport in order to reduce the environmental effect and the logistic costs.

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